Bathroom is a place where a person is most often found in the relaxed state, at a time when the body's defenses are not mobilized. This may be the morning washing or an evening bath. That is why the creation of comfortable conditions in bathroom should be given the priority.
The specific character of heating the bathroom is that the heating by conventional metal radiator is ineffective, moreover they are not designed for heating rooms with high humidity. Alternative method is using a variety of towel dryers, and of course the arrangement of heated floors. The latter option is considered the most appropriate method of heating. By using it you get cozy and comfortable bathroom with unusually warm ceramic tiles underfoot. More recently arrangement underfloor bathroom heating method was considered an elite, but now this is an effective way to apply everywhere, and in new home projects it is a standard solution.


During the construction of new homes bathroom heated floors should be built at a design stage, espessially when using water heating, which significantly raises the level of the floor (10-13cm.). Construction of bathroom underfloor heating by circulating water is economically feasible in case of heating large surfaces, such as the entire area of a country cottage. According to estimates it is cost-effective to install such systems in the area bigger than 50 square metres.

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