The wardrobe will serve you for a long time, if it is made of quality material and comes with a sliding system. Particular attention should be paid to the quality of the sliding system. Aluminum profile has a greater thickness than the steel. It has a higher hardness but is expensive.
- Aluminium system is more durable than steel and gives the owner more opportunities for the application (it can be used as partitions between rooms which allows to design the interior in one style). However, if the system is of poor quality, the desired result you can not reach: the door may go up as easily and smoothly, but for someone it does not matter.

Case finished with natural veneer is very beautiful. A huge variety of woods, textures, colors can satisfy all your needs, and restoration suitability of the material can eliminate small destroying the integrity of the coating. However, because of naturally occurring material in the premises must maintain certain microclimatic conditions.
Wardrobe with lighting is always more impressive than the cabinet without illumination. However, the feeble light bulbs will not help you see better what is inside the cabinet, the maximum that they are able to highlight are the contents of the upper shelves.

Wardrobe can be decorated with mirrors. They are also able to optically enlarge the space. However, if the apartment is located on the sunny side, and the cabinet will stand in front of the window, you can become a "hostage" of the blinding sunlight.
Glass cabinet doors are suitable in a library and drawing room. Alternatively, you can offer semi-opaque plastic (usually lowers the price). In recent years become popular wicker inserts, which are particularly well looked at in a rustic style interiors.

Remodeling ideas

home furniture - Buying Advice

1. Before you buy furniture think about where it will be located. Measure the space in the house where it is supposed to install. Also determine the number and composition of the items you want to keep in it. Do not forget that over the years, the number of things usually increases, so it is better to secure yourself and order the more roomy construction. You must know that you want to get the final result and clearly articulate their demands.

2. Almost all the furniture manufacturers give a guarantee on products from 1 year to 25 years. Naturally, the longer is the guarantee period - the better it is for the customer. The most respective and reliable companies give the longer the guarantee period.

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