Garden remodeling

You should observe a certain uniformity in the design of your garden. Everything must be subordinated to a single style - whether it is a house in the village or a "Japanese garden".
It is considered that landscaping should be carried out by specialists. After all the word "design" is associated with good taste, well balanced lines and knowledge of composite combinations.
Easy care
Choose materials that do not require daily care if you can not afford a personal gardener.
Gravel and sand are used only for pedestrian walkways. The tile is more reliable and durable. In addition, it has a wide range of shades that helps to pick it to fit cottage or arbor. Somebody would like to use natural stone. To make a track look decorative the gap between the tiles can be covered with soil in which seeds are added to the lawn grass or ground cover plants.
The range of lawns is as big as the walks. For example, ground is perfect velvety smooth surface consisting of stunted clipped (1.5-2cm) narrow-leaved plants. Features of parterre lawn are: it requires regular trimming (up to 2 times per week) and does not tolerate trampling, so it is better not to walk on it. Another thing is an ordinary lawn, on which everyone can not only play but also even ride a bike. It does not spoil if for some time remain unattended. To cut grass once a week should be enough. However, the looks of such a lawn is not as spectacular. Subfamily cornflowers, calendula and other annual flowers, then get already Moorish lawn. It is beautiful and practical, but sometimes quite rapidly losing smartness because of the luxuriant growth of weeds. This grass is very organically fit into the gardens, created in the "rustic" style, but is unlikely to make company to a classic garden flowers like roses, peony and lilies. Most popular in recent years received "rapid method" lawns, widely known as "Turf". This is already finished laying sod. Save time there. The disadvantage is also a fairly high price.

garden design. Flowers and trees

The most famous type of flower bed has a regular geometric shape and relatively small size. Also a very popular form of borders is a narrow band one or two feets in width. Its length depends on the length of the walks, the size of buildings or the size of the lawn, which is located along the flower. There is another type of extended flowerbed. It is also located along the walkss, but with some indent from the edge, leaving space for a green strip of lawn. Not bad would look bushes, in some cases - big trees, for example, birch trees. You can plant trees and gardens almost everywhere: from the fence, arbors, arches to the roof of the house. Everything depends on your imagination.

Remodeling ideas
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