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Psychologists say that very often by the appearance of the home you can determine who lives in it. Lifestyle, marital status, age, habits, and even life priorities are reflected in the layout of the house and home decorating. Experts in the field of real estate have paid attention to it for long ago, so now there is a great variety of the proposed projects of individual houses. It is mostly concerned the functionality and the architectural style of buildings.

Loft: a large "box" with huge windows and a single volume of internal space.
This house is easy to identify: it looks like a big "box" with huge windows and a single volume of internal space. Previously industrial buildings were converted into the lofts, and therefore formed a tradition to execute their interior in the industrial style: high ceilings rough walls, metal ventilation ducts, simple lamps on long rods. Now they often build special houses in this style. Loft is a good solution for enthusiastic people, because it allows to combine working and home zones. Thus, one can never be distracted from their quest.
Entertainment house: this means of expression
Another unusual type of real estate offered by developers today is the so-called entertainment house. It is now a means of expression, emphasizing the preference of the owner with its whole appearance. Often it is the choice of the bachelors of both sexes, living an active life, although sometimes it happens that young families also choose such style of home remodeling. The distinguishing feature of this home is an unusual architecture, designed to impress guests. For planning entertainment house is characterized by such delights as, for example, transparent floor, artificial waterfalls, special rooms for discos, original door designs. Of particular importance is the unusual glazing. Today, in an individual house construction are widely used transparent roofs, winter gardens, glass lamps and turrets, stained-glass windows. Modern technologies allow to make the fragile-looking glass design reliable and durable, so the architectural imagination of homeowners has almost no limits.
A variety of entertainment house is a townhouse duplex. It is a house consisting of exactly two sections (sometimes it's two floors), often with a shared entrance and utility rooms. This solution is ideal, for example, for young people who have their own families and do not want to leave the parents alone.

House Remodeling ideas

Chalet with sea view
A modern classic in individual housing is gradually disappearing from the columns and stucco, merging with other styles and trends. For example, the role of classic modern houses claim chalets which are built in Alpine style houses with high ground floor, intended for household needs, and residential overhead. Yet for most family homes the pronounced zoning is typical. In the family is important to have a private space separate from other premises for each person. Therefore typical for these homes is division into rooms.
Holiday chalet style differ rational planning and associated with a healthy lifestyle. A characteristic feature of the alpine style is flat roof dominating over the entire volume of the house. During the construction of chalets classic materials are often used. It is stone to the first floor and wood for the second.
Cottage Art Nouveau
People who value the external attributes not less than functionality, often choose home complex layout in Art Nouveau style. Its features are easily recognizable: smooth flowing into each other's lines, repeating the perfection of natural plant forms. Art Nouveau architecture turns any building into a work of art. The internal layout of the house is complex, characterized by many turns, ascents and descents, as if repeating the complex psychological device of its owner. Big role for finishing materials and their combination. Typically the landscaping around the house is also ornate: walks, arbors, wrought iron fences, lights, etc. Obviously, such people are choosing bright and imaginative home, they value the art and know how to live not like everybody else.
Another popular trend today is minimalism. In contrast to modernity, it is characterized by the lack of decor. Houses in this style are choosing practical people who value comfort. Can be called a minimalist Scandinavian style design houses. The main material for construction of a house is tree, sometimes in combination with a brick or stone. The lighter tones are preferred for trimming.

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